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Demo Q3 2017



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In Galaxy in Turmoil, players take on the role of Roka, one of the galaxy’s most notorious mercenaries for hire, while she battles through the galaxy on a mission that will either save or destroy her universe. In multiplayer, players will assume the role of a soldier in one of three factions and battle for control in massive 64 player battles featuring full ground to space.


Initially created as a fan-remake of the cancelled Battlefront 3, Galaxy in Turmoil was eventually shut down by LucasFilm at the request of Electronic Arts. Rather than giving up - Frontwire Studios has switched to it's own Intellectual Property and has continued with developing Galaxy in Turmoil as a stand alone game.


  • Galaxy in Turmoil is being built on Unreal Engine 4, developed by Epic Games, which allows us to overload your senses with enhanced lighting and graphics in an effort to bring storytelling to a whole new level.
  • Prepare to battle on foot against massive legions of enemies, take to the skies and defend the dropships or dare to venture into space and go straight for the capital ship. The choice is yours.
  • Immerse yourself in a story written by award winning writers, where you are in full control of your own destiny. Explore the vast Galaxy at your own pace while experiencing exciting missions and meeting unique companions along with way.
  • Experience an all new original universe with our own unique spin on a futuristic cyber-punk themed universe with a bit of fantasy-flair thrown into the mix. Prepare to battle across planets and take in the sights on never before imagined worlds.


EVA Flight Test YouTube


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Original Soundtrack
Select tracks available for free on account.frontwirestudio.com.

GiT Blog
The news and announcement blog for GiT can be found at galaxyinturmoilgame.com.

About Frontwire Studios

Frontwire Studios is an indipendantly owned and operated video game development studios and self-publisher. Currently, Frontwire Studios is developing the much anticipated combined arms game, Galaxy in Turmoil. Galaxy in Turmoil is set to release a demo in the third-quarter of 2017 on Steam.

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Management Team

Tony Romanelli
President, Founder

Richard Ebanks
Managing Director, Founder

Sebastian Curry
Chief Financial Officer

Ian King
Art Director

David Nazario
Audio Director

Alvaro Jover
Technical Director

Chris Wiltz
Lead Writer