Frontwire Studios
Based in Tampa, Florida

Founding date:
April 29, 2016


Press / Business contact:


Galaxy In Turmoil

3030 N. Rocky Point Dr.
Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33607

+1 (813)210-9440


Frontwire Studios is an indipendantly owned and operated video game development studios and self-publisher. Currently, Frontwire Studios is developing the much anticipated combined arms game, Galaxy in Turmoil. Galaxy in Turmoil is set to release a demo in the third-quarter of 2017 on Steam.


Early history

Founded in early 2016, Frontwire Studios has begun taking the internet by storm with our flagship game, Galaxy in Turmoil. It all started when a small group of friends found an unreleased build of the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III created by Free Radical Design. We initially began Frontwire with the hope of creating the Battlefront we always wanted. Soon after, a simple forum was established and became the project’s home until we formed our team of only a few people. Our small team remained motivated to try and creating something new and exciting. Every night we were thrilled to see what was being created by our team mates. That was, until one night where we decided that we would be switching to Unreal Engine 4. This is where we needed help, and this is where we became Frontwire Studios. Through our Discord server, everything was communicated. We spoke to fans and people who wanted to learn more. We never asked for any help, it just came to us. People wanted this game to be completed, and they were not afraid to help in any way possible. Unfortunately we hit a few roadblocks when LucasFilm decided to ask us to stop making Galaxy in Turmoil because it was taking too much attention away from Electronic Art’s Battlefront game. After countless meeting with LucasFilm, we eventually decided it was best for not only our team, but for the community, to stop working on a Star Wars project and to move to our own branded game that the community could get behind.

After that

We slowly built up our team to what we are today. We went from just a few guys hanging out on Skype late at night trying to make something to show the world, to a full studio housing team members located around the world. Today, Frontwire Studios continues to grow and gain international media attention for it’s largest project, Galaxy in Turmoil. It’s crazy to think where we were just a few months ago. It’s even crazier to think where we will be in the coming months. The ride has just begun, and we’re all excited to see where it goes from here.



Interview with Tony Romanelli YouTube

Sony Announcement YouTube


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Company Achievements

  • "Signed direct distribution deal with Valve(Steam)" - June 1, 2016
  • "Signed direct distribution deal with Sony(PlayStation)" - December, 14 2016
  • "Partnership with CityCloud.com(City Network)" - April 4, 2017


  • ""A breath of fresh air""
    - The Inquisitr,
  • ""Can't wait for the demo""
    - Game Informer,
  • "One of 2017s most anticipated upcoming games"
    - PCGamesN,

Management Team

Tony Romanelli
President, Founder

Richard Ebanks
Managing Director, Founder

Sebastian Curry
Chief Financial Officer

Ian King
Art Director

David Nazario
Audio Director

Alvaro Jover
Technical Director

Chris Wiltz
Lead Writer